How Many Patient Reviews are Enough?

How Many Patient Reviews are Enough?

Online reviews play a big role in the success of your business today. If you don’t think Google, Yelp, and Facebook reviews have any relevance to the success of your practice, you might want to change your thought process!

While you might have some loyal, lifelong patients keeping you afloat, your business isn’t going anywhere if you aren’t bringing in new patients. And, the ability to improve your practice relies heavily on the magic number that appears on the screen for your online review sites.

No activity is good, right?

Your online star rating is a major player in the game of business success, but it’s not the only player. So, you have gone onto your review websites and seen that nothing has changed in quite some time. This is great, right? WRONG!

Along with the advancements of technology has come a rise in patient voice. Online tools empower patients to share their personal experiences when it comes to satisfaction in the healthcare industry. As a provider, having little interaction on your review sites can be just as damaging as having negative interaction. Here’s why.

If patients begin to engage with your online review sites, then suddenly stop, this delivers a message to your audience. For all they know, you might have gone out of business. And with little feedback, they are likely to head over to your competition who has more reviews from a variety of patients. There’s more to your online reputation than just the number of stars you have. There’s also magic in the number of reviews that accompany those stars.

Improving Your Yelp Rating

As our clients continue to see the relevancy of Yelp reviews, when it comes to practice success, we work hard to deliver a solution to their online reputation problems. How has your star rating affected your overall business? What do you need to improve your rating? How can you find results?

Research shows that 61% of patients use online reviews when selecting a new doctor. Feedback from other patients who have already used doctor services is a great indication of how good, or bad a practice is performing. Improving your star rating by even one star can make a huge difference in your online reputation.

The Patient Promoter service improves your online reputation and increases your star rating through the development of natural 5-star reviews. When you plug in your current star ratings, our calculator will tell you exactly how many patient reviews you need to improve your rating.

Online reputation can greatly affect your healthcare business when it comes to attracting new patients. Since Yelp is the most trusted source for online reviews, you can improve your business when you bring up your star rating by even one star. Check out our calculator and see how far you are away from your 5-star profile.

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