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How Often Should You Redesign Your Medical Practice Website?

Positioning Your Medical Practice for Success It is important for your website to evolve and stay competitive. Conventional wisdom seems to suggest that you should redesign your site every 2 or 3 years to keep your practice website fresh. In addition to considering the time between designs, it’s import to look at the contribution your website is or is not [...]

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Case Study: Growing 5-Star Reviews by 1100%

Client name has been kept confidential. These are actual results. To confront the elevated importance of social reviews and to better manage the online reputation of the practice we implemented a revolutionary new system to identify the “promoters” of the practice and funnel them through a process that would influence patients to post a 5-star review to their preferred social [...]

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The Marketing Side of Medicine

As a medical provider your first priority is the patient. You’ve invested time and money in your education and have cultivated your practice reputation. When it comes to marketing how much do you really know about getting new patients beyond sending out a postcard or placing an ad in a local magazine? There’s a reason why most practices struggle with [...]

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Responding to Patient Reviews about Your Practice

With 88% of consumers saying they trust online reviews it’s difficult not to worry about what your patients are saying about you on reviews sites like Yelp. Your star rating on these review sites are becoming the single indicator on whether or not you get new patients into your practice. When you saw your reviews did you utter a short [...]

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Lack of Yelp Activity is Hurting Your Practice

You haven’t received a review, good or bad, in a longtime and you feel grateful for the lack of activity on your Yelp page. It could be worse right? You could have had a few negative reviews that effected your star rating. Start worrying. It’s worse. Are You Still Open for Business? Smartphones and social media have dramatically altered the [...]

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