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About Kris Kiler

I love marketing. It’s not just something I say. I’ve been helping businesses identify opportunities in the marketplace and implement strategies to build upon those opportunities since I was 12 years old (early 1987) when I convinced my local video store owner to add video games to his rental offerings. I worked behind the counter and helped convert the store from paper to computer-based checkout (proudly entering in every product detail into the system myself).

In 1996 I worked for a small business and was fortunate to be mentored by a programmer who saw the value in website development. I was hooked. Constantly learning, designing, adapting, and additional mentoring from marketing experts. By 2000, I had built a massive web presence that included ecommerce, content microsites, weekly text-based email newsletters to over 10,000 customers and online advertising. That doesn’t account for the publishing division of the company that I built and eventually spun into my own company in 2001.

In 2001 I founded Unite Media Group, an organizational development company that focused on human performance training, book publishing and Internet services. The business had multiple brands/divisions consisting of, Telos Publications, Interstrength Associates, and Career Trainer. was a consumer site that provided an experience for our market. had a one-of-a-kind client management system to administer personality assessments and reports, a learning center filled with leading content from experts, a full shopping cart e-commerce system, and a community center for customers to interact with each other. Telos Publications was the content development vehicle publishing books and supporting tools for organizational consultants.  We eventually acquired a consulting business and rebranded into Interstrength Associates and a career development company CareerTrainer. Interstrength Associates provided train-the-trainer workshops for organizational professionals and large scale consulting initiatives with a heavy focus on healthcare communication.

From June 2001 to the time I sold my interest to my business partner in Febuary 2007 I launched more than sixty products; including trade publishing books, organizational training support materials, and psychological assessments; launched a line of human performance training programs to Fortune 500 companies and healthcare executives, and developed and launched a cutting edge client management and assessment delivery software-as-service (SAS) product. Not to mention that I handled every aspect of marketing and management.

In 2007 I decided to get back to my roots and help other businesses achieve success through their marketing. I wrote some articles on leadership development and talent management; The Benefits of Hiring A Business Coach, Using Training to Support Employee Engagement Initiatives: 7 Keys for Success, Talent Development: Why Management Is Not Enough, and Leading with Talent Development. I began my first book Ready, Aim, Capture!: The Secret to Successful Internet Marketing in 2007 and finally finished in 2008. This book focused heavily the importance of landing page development and the various psychological principles to employ in order to convert the client into a sale. My next book Creating Multiple Streams of Income with Information Products: Turning Your Ideas Into Assets was co-authored with a fellow entrepreneur and was focused on helping consultants become experts in their market with information products.

Recently, I’ve focused on smaller reports that include Optimize Your Web Platform: A Small Business Guide to Internet Marketing AutomationGetting Started with Yelp: The Medical Practice Quick GuideFacebook Marketing for Medical Practices: A Quick Guide to Building Your Patient Network with Facebook, and a super secret report that isn’t available to the public yet – The 5-Star Medical Practice: A New System for Building Your New Patient Pipeline.

Since 1996 I’ve worked with hundreds of clients and developed hundreds of websites. My passion for marketing has never diminished. I work directly with all of our marketing clients to craft a plan that is unique to their practice, market segment, and budget. I happily give a free hour to any practice executive or manager that wants to discuss their practice and how they can benefit from an integrated platform to market their practice.

I look forward to working with you.

Cheers to your success!

Kris Kiler
Net One Click

What Clients Are Saying

“Did a great job upgrading the image for Workbench Software. He is creative, easy to work with, and delivers. I recommend his services.”

Patrick Harris
Workbench Software LLC

“My income more than doubled in one year while working with Kris! The website he helped me create, his hard work managing the production of my product, and his overall strategic thinking had an enormous impact on my growth.”

Dr. Michelle Finkel
Insider Medical Admissions

"I've been working with Kris for the last 6 months as he helps me reposition my consulting practice. His insight, advice, and experience have been of immense benefit, saving me a ton of time and wasted effort."

Scott Campbell
Core Factors

NetOneClick is not just a website place, because the website is just one piece of this big internet marketing puzzle. They do it all. They do the website, because the website has to be set up properly. Then, Kris consults with us about our internet marketing strategies so that everything integrates with the website.

Kris brings you the best of both worlds. He’s able to both integrate your Twitter, Facebook, Google+, all your social media and internet marketing, your email campaigns, integrate all that with your website on an ongoing basis so that you continue to grow your business.

You need a company like NetOneClick to take care of your website, advise you on what’s best for it, at the same time able to optimize it for SEO and for the user’s usability of it. Because you want to make sure it’s easy for your potential customers to navigate your site.

Our monthly meetings have been a big plus in moving forward— I can tell from our bottom line that things are getting better and better each and every single month.

Manny Oliverez
Capture Medical Billing

“Fast work, easy to work with, and creative. We wanted a site that would convey a feeling of professionalism and the results are more than satisfactory.”

Ron Swann
King Edward Ovens

“Our project came in under budget and in time for our deadline. It was a pleasure!”

Travis Cook
Online Agility

“It is hard to find good people that will listen to exactly what you are looking for. Went over and beyond listening by understanding my goals and implementing that into the work. Very easy to deal with, very responsive and a true professional. I would recommend to anyone! Thanks.”

Shawn Reilly
Reality Technology Solutions

“Great job!! I highly recommend. Delivers quality work within tight deadlines and budgets. Great job again!”

Leah West
Workforce Link, Inc

“The website looks great! Within hours of launching the site people were already giving very positive feedback. Thanks for breathing life back into our website.”

Jerylen Daniels
Great Explorations Educational Foundation

“The success I have had with my brand recognition, book and product sales as well as website traffic is a direct result of Kris Kiler’s work.”

Sarah Michel
Perfecting Connecting

“Kris packs quite a punch through his unique blend of marketing savvy, design sensibilities and technical skills. He did a great job for me and backed all the above with fast work and constant communication.”

Siddharth Dangwal
Grandview Home Loans

“Thank you for making my business look so good! Kris is very dedicated to his clients and goes the extra mile. I have had many compliments on my ezine and website. He also gave me tips on how to market my services, and it is working. Thank you!!!!”

Jennifer Hill

“Helped me re-think my entire marketing philosophy. Convinced me to re-focus my business message, making my site more relevant to my customer base with information readily accessible and with easier navigation. As a result, I’m getting more traffic to my site, and an increase in business.”

Vicky Jo Varner
Type Insights

“Excellent work with timely delivery. We believe he is on the forefront of website design and technology.”

John Bragansa
Internet Marketing, Inc.

*NetOneClick previously operated under Strategic Marketing Systems and Kris Kiler Marketing Design