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Facebook Marketing for Medical Practices

facebook-coverA Quick Guide to Building Your Patient Network with Facebook

There isn’t a lot of time in your day to spend on marketing much less time to figure out how to use Facebook to grow your patient network and how that fits into your patient marketing. This quick guide to Facebook marketing for medical practices gives you the strategic perspective you need to create an effective Facebook marketing plan.

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  • Prepare your business for Facebook marketing
    Go through a process to define your ideal patient.
  • Start thinking strategically about building your patient network
    Assess which Facebook strategy is right for your business.
  • Plan your patient adventure
    Best practices for marketing on Facebook.

Written by Kris Kiler

Kris is president of Net One Click. Kris’ passion for Internet marketing began in 1996 when he started using the Internet to market products and services. Since then he has worked with hundreds of companies to create and execute internet marketing plans that grow new customer channels, build upon current customer networks, and design brands that people love. An experienced entrepreneur, he understands making decisions with limited information in this complex world and approaches all clients with a strategic, results-focused approach. Read more about Kris Kiler

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