7 Myths of Digital Marketing

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7 Myths of Digital Marketing

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My income more than doubled in one year while working with Kris! The website he helped me create, his hard work managing the production of my product, and overall strategic thinking had enormous impact on my growth.
Dr. Michelle Finkel, Insider Medical Admissions

The difference between success and failure. One click.

Net One Click provides full service outsourced marketing services to small to midsize businesses and medical practices. Our Platform Marketing System focuses on strategic development of core assets that provide our clients with a unique competitive advantage to develop, engage, and acquire customers for life.

88% of consumers who search for a type of local business on a mobile device call or go to that business within 24 hours.
Kris brings you the best of both worlds. He’s able to integrate all your social media and internet marketing, your email campaigns, integrate all that with your website on an ongoing basis so that you continue to grow your business. You need a company like NetOneClick to take care of your website, advise you on what’s best for it, at the same time able to optimize it for SEO and for the user’s usability of it. Because you want to make sure it’s easy for your potential customers to navigate your site. I can tell from our bottom line that things are getting better and better each and every single month.
Manny Oliverez, Capture Billing

About Kris Kiler

Helping you build customers one click at a time.

Kris is president of Net One Click. Kris’ passion for Internet marketing began in 1996 when he started using the Internet to market products and services. Since then he has worked with hundreds of companies to create and execute internet marketing plans that grow new customer channels, build upon current customer networks, and design brands that people love. An experienced entrepreneur, he understands making decisions with limited information in this complex world and approaches all clients with a strategic, results-focused approach.

Prior to founding Net One Click, Kris was president and chief executive officer of an organizational development company that focused on human performance training, book publishing, and Internet services. There he launched more than sixty products; including trade publishing books, adult learning materials, and psychological assessments; launched a line of human performance trainings to Fortune 500 companies, and developed and launched a cutting edge client management and assessment delivery software-as-service (SAS) product. Kris has a passion for understanding what it takes to create great leaders. He is a certified Job and Career Transition Coach and an experienced instructional designer which provides him with skills in understanding how adults make decisions and learn new information. He was involved in the training and development field for over 15 years.

Kris works directly with all of Net One Click’s clients to craft a plan that is unique to their business, industry, and budget. Kris is the author of Ready, Aim, Capture!: The Secret to Successful Internet Marketing, Optimize Your Web Platform: A Small Business Guide to Internet Marketing Automation and coauthor of Creating Multiple Streams of Income with Information Products: Turning Your Ideas Into Assets.